• Madani Nagar, Deoband, Saharanpur (U.P) - 247554 India
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About Trust

The Trust is responsible for complete administration of Jamia Islamia Lil banat High School, Deoband. In addition, it manage the Central Madarsa and Forty two Makateeb affiliated to that. The Central Madrasa has a hostel and community kitchen. Arrangement for education in Makateeb is excellent and trustworthy. Technical centers have been set up for Muslim girls, with full responsibility of ma making them self-supporting.

Likewise, the Trust carries on social work in different areas.

Help for Humanity

Ongoing Activities

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Our Causes

  • Every Year Winter Season

Distribution of Winter Clothes

  • Madani ITI

Madani ITI for Muslim Girls

  • Supply of Drinking Water

Water Supply for needy people...

Our Team

FF Madani Trust

Chairman FF Madani Trust